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Equi-note #4 How will the Riding Revolution help your horse?

Bay horse jumping. How Will the Riding Revolution Help your Horse?

Equi-note #4


How will the Riding Revolution help your horse?

Why is an equestrian revolution necessary?

Well, to start with, if harmony always existed between horse and rider, it wouldn’t be necessary!

And if every rider’s goals were being achieved, new learning wouldn’t even be needed.

But as horse owners are fully aware, relationships between horse and owner are not like that. They are not simple and as we all know, this is a complicated issue. The signs are everywhere that show that it is needed.


This blog will answer this key question: “How will the Riding Revolution help your horse?”

Around horses, complicated issues can arise at any instant and for virtually any reason. They can happen in the stable, in the saddle, or when grooming. Massive crises can arise from a fly bite, kicking a bucket or tripping on a hose.

In fact, a horse can cause a major event  out of a small incident in a matter of seconds. Horses can be very unpredictable.

It is surprising that we still need to learn so much. This is further puzzling given the extent of equine history. And the fact that we can use so many wonderful horses, riders and training methods as role models.

This may be because many of us think that everything that is needed has already been studied. Especially if you have a wonderful instructor.

However, riding and training is very visible and very physical. This is very evident, since you can see it.

But not all of us understand riding very well. You can see many examples of riders and horses in states of confusion and disharmony. If it were easy, this wouldn’t happen

Is it happening to you?


Do you have poor communication with your horse?

Does it lead to frustration? And to anger? Does it even cause you sleepless nights?

And how does your horse react? Have you ever stopped to think how it feels about the work that you are giving it?

Could it be that the work you are demanding is too much, too hard, too long, or too repetitive?

Have you ever seen it in pools of sweat? And not from heat. Does it stand nervously in its box, for hours? What about its appetite? Does it take too a long time to recover from a hard workout?

Do any of these signs seem familiar? If so, then this blog will be for you. This is because these signs show that the tools being presented in this blog will provide you with valuable insights in how to make matters better.


The new tools described in this blog will explain in detail: “How will the Riding Revolution help your horse?”

They will hopefully lead to better understanding.

These will cover two main areas. Firstly, it will address the training of the horse and rider. Secondly, the horse’s step structure and body dynamics will be analyzed.

Equinamity has discovered a unique relation exists between the movements of different parts of the horse’s body.

These show up in the way the horse moves and generates impulsion. And also what it must do to brake. It is essential for the rider to understand these actions.

Once the rider has come to terms with them, they can apply this understanding to improve the horse’s responsiveness.

Equinamity will be presenting these issues in detail. They will be formatted as a series of posts in this blog. It is important for you to bear in mind that these tools are not only for your benefit.


Your horse will be a key beneficiary from the Riding Revolution

With these new tools and techniques, you will understand him/her better.

As a result, you will be more tolerant. They will also help you to give clearer and more accurate instructions.

Naturally, the desired extra benefit for you is that these improvements will help your horse respond the way that you want. And this will make you both happier.

Equinamity will present each one of these topics as an Equi-note. They will deal with a whole range of vital issues. 

To start with it will help you to collect your horse. This is dealt with in the next post titled: Equi-note #5 The Riding Revolution will help you to collect your horse. 

They will help to make things better for you.

And for your horse.


Why is Equinamity qualified to propose this Riding Revolution?

A principal reason is that these lessons have been obtained from thousands of hours in the saddle.

This process has been assisted by watching the most talented horses, best riders and best trainers in the world.

Their collective experience is unique.

Equinamity has gathered this wonderful material together to create a new method.

This is a new approach to riding and training which is so unique that it amounts to a revolution.

Do you want to learn?

Read on!