Equinamity-A Revolution in Horse and Rider Training

Equi-note 2 Dedication and Contact

horse looking over stable door

Equi-note 2



This blog is about the riding revolution.

It is dedicated to my wife Cindy who patiently endured the time devoted to this its preparation. And who made invaluable comments.

It is also dedicated to the late Mac, Florence and Hoti. These three were our beloved four-legged companions. Their skills, qualities, unique personalities and devotion, both enabled and inspired this blog to be written.

Each of them made an invaluable contribution to its contents through their intelligence, emotions and physical abilities. This provided a bridge into their very special and unique world.


Three treasured companions 

Three horses looking over stable doors. Dedication and contact

This blog is dedicated to all horse owners and the hope that by reading this blog they will develop an aspiration for seeking and finding specific tools to obtain an improvement in their horse’s care and thereby their welfare. This applies not only for expensive show horses, but for all horses.

There is another group to whom this blog is dedicated. These are the many working horses, mules and donkeys around the world who find themselves in unfortunate conditions where care is minimal.

They are faced with huge challenges every day, mostly involving basic survival. Some of the issues they have to contend with include poor feeding, overwork, ill health, abusive treatment, etc.

They live in a very distant world from the many pampered recreation and sport horses that are the subject of this blog. While many animal lovers are already dedicated to this labour of love it is hoped this reminder will catalyse further support and resources for their efforts.



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