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Equi-note 3 Intellectual property and disclaimer

soldier standing on horse shooting. Intellectual property and disclaimer

Equi-note 3


Intellectual property and disclaimer

The author asserts all rights to the intellectual property in this blog and its constituent posts and all unauthorized use is expressly prohibited. Extracts may be used in websites formally approved by Equinamity.co on the basis of compatible context and with the condition that a link back to www.equinamity.co is included.

The publisher/author makes no warranties or representation with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work. The author specifically disclaims all warranties without limitation of fitness for a particular purpose. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for every situation. If assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

The vast majority of photos used in this blog are the result of accumulation by the author over many years. However, some outside resources have been required so as to properly present a full range of equine conditions.

All copyright holders have been approached and in most cases permission has been obtained for their use. Exceptions have arisen in several situations: when copyright has expired, contact details were unavailable websites were either closed or infected with malware, or where orphan status exists. However, in all cases where URL were available, they have been provided linking to the image’s publisher. In addition, links have been made to all extracts of quoted articles.

There are a few examples where horses have been subjected to inhumane conditions  where usage was denied by the publisher. However, these have still been included given the essential public interest. As is well known there is legal protection for ensuring the availability of information when it is in the public’s interest for purposes of criticism and education. As such these cases constitute legitimate exemptions from copyright use restrictions.

Furthermore, the photos in question are already in the public domain and thus do not violate any claims to privacy. In addition, the material in the photo is unlikely to be a revenue generator for the publisher nor is there any likelihood of reputational damage.

In a small number of cases publishers’ identities have been withheld. Should the publisher wish to be identified, the author will be happy to make the necessary changes to the relevant post.

For the sake of simplicity the following abbreviations have been used for images: author; pd-public domain; cc-creative commons; oa-open access; nkc-no known copyright; pi-public interest; wp-with permission; fip-for illustration purposes; wb-website blocked/infected; 2enr-two emails sent but no reply.