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Equi-note 33 Horseshoeing-an International Scandal

Equi-note 33-an International Scandal

Horseshoeing-an International Scandal

Why are so many of the world’s top horses being lamed, their welfare and their performance quality damaged by defective shoeing?

Like the examples shown above and below. Three of these are leading international competitors in Grand Prix Dressage and 3-Day Eventing.

Horseshoeing-an International Scandal
Horseshoeing-an international scandal

The next series of Equi-notes are explosive as well as troubling. They present evidence of deficient farriery from the world’s top equestrian competitions, from prominent national stables. They represent the work of leading farriers.

When you look at these photos you will probably be asking yourselves if you have seen something similar on your horse. If so, your horse will probably be experiencing some of the problems which will be detailed in this blog.

You will probably also be concerned about finding what ways exist so that you can help your horse. This blog will provide answers.


How could such a situation come about? Horses are supposed to represent the most valued and cherished members of most horse owners’ families. And for this condition to happen in plain sight under the watchful eyes of the owners, trainers, riders or stable staff is beyond comprehension.

This is such an important matter that all horse owners, horse lovers and equine professionals including farriers will need to ask themselves some serious questions. How is it possible that many of the higher shoeing standards of the past have been forgotten? How is it possible that such a widespread lack of awareness of quality shoeing process has developed?

The evidence shown in this blog will expose what these problems are. They will be of particular interest to those involved in horse care. Even more importantly, the blog will also reveal how they can be addressed and resolved.

This will be done by providing both new knowledge and specific tools to improve upon many of the current deficient aspects of shoeing. 

What is the focus of these Equi-notes?

It is on horseshoeing with a predominant emphasis on the quality of hoof care in the key disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping and 3-Day Eventing. Many of these new insights go well beyond the horse’s hooves. This is because they are rooted in the horse’s fundamental dynamics. Consequently, they are equally relevant to many other equestrian sports.

While these dynamics are an integral part of the horse’s natural biomechanics, they can be seriously disrupted by external forces. Especially those which exercise a powerful influence on the movements of the horse’s legs and body. The most important of these external forces are artificial aids and shoeing; apart naturally from the type of work which also has a big effect.

The shoeing messages in this blog have benefitted from the invaluable input and experience of many farriers, including some of the world’s best. There are many other farriers who have also made a contribution.

However, this has not been done through a high level of competence but through their inadequate skills and out-dated practises. This has provided a special form of input by way of underlining the extent of the horseshoeing scandal.


A well-shod horse will love the farrier
Horseshoeing-an International Scandal